Saturday, 19 October 2013

Salon du Chocolat: The UK celebrates its first Chocolate Fair with a bathtub filled with ganache and chocolate flavoured couture

The UK celebrates its first Chocolate Fair with a bathtub filled with ganache and chocolate flavoured couture

This weekend is the opening of the UK’s first chocolate fair hosted by Olympia and ran by the great Salon du Chocolate.
With a legacy of 18 years behind them, Sylvie Douce and François Jeantet (founders of Salon du Chocolat) have celebrated their love of chocolate worldwide and finally brought it to London collaborating with over 80 UK participants in creating a splendidly delightful event.
Tonight was the Gala evening, which included master chocolatier Marc Demarquette filling up a bathtub with chocolate ganache and a model receiving a chocolate spa treatment.
There was also a grand fashion show by designers and chocolatiers, which included Lindt Excellence joining forces with artist Paul Wayne Gregory to create a classical dress “Eternal Diamond” by Graduate Fashion Show Week 2013 winner, Lauren Smith.
The dress of the night, however, was Les Sucreries de Mélodie’s that was sensual through its presentation of delicately crafted cupcakes and macaroons.
Gillian Kiamil, halls director of Olympia said, “We hope to not only welcome chocolatiers from our home country but also introduce the international industry to our beautiful venue.”
From the 18th to the 20th, there will be tasting rooms, kids workshops, demonstrations by the best pastry chefs and interactive cooking classes. Celebrity talks and demonstrations are chaired by the likes of John Waite from the Great British Bake Off, master chocolatier, Eric Landlard, Hideko Kawa, executive pastry chef from the fat duck and many other significant chocolate connoisseurs.
Kate Johns, PR director of Nudge PR, who manages all of the UK’s Chocolate week states that Salon du Chocolate in Paris, “…is a huge inspiration because it is so big, so many exhibitors, and everyone in Paris are passionate. We’ve worked closely with everyone in Paris to create this…but, we have got our own British quirkiness and creativity here.”
Salon Du Chocolate comes towards the end of the UK’s Chocolate week, which has included over 350 events involving theatre productions in York, Mayfair chocolate tours, Thornton afternoon teas and many more.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Like A Piece of String

1st May 2013 - 11.30pm)

Like A Piece of String 

Nothing has changed except everything has changed
Listen to music alone now
Friday late at night is spent in a cold bed with the same thoughts
Don't pick food for two anymore
Talking about dead academics and inspirations are redundant

No one to watch DVDs with anymore!! How shit!

No need to look forward to dinner made by the domestic
Friends spend time listening while I miss
Waiting for e-mails of feelings to no end
It's over!

These feelings are obsolete
Whilst more aware of the actual space between the ozone layer and I
Once intwined like a double helix
Now feels so singular like as a piece of string